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Our Beliefs

Guided toward the good

Our mindset defines us.

Through wisdom, respect and inclusion, we're challenging stereotypes—not just about cannabis but about, well, everything.


Share the knowledge

Have questions about cannabis? That’s why we’re here.

When you visit our shops, you’ll always be welcomed with a curated and personalized experience. Our open-minded team is ready to educate newcomers, dabblers and connoisseurs alike.

Cross with plants growing out


Let freedom reign

Now that Canada has legalized recreational cannabis, we’re proud to be on the forefront of this new era, ushering in greater awareness, acceptance and understanding.

From the expert leadership behind our brand to the folks you see proudly working in our shops, our team is serious about delivering an inclusive, trustworthy experience.

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Proudly Canadian

We celebrate and empower the people that make Canada unique.

People are meant to be together.
It's in our DNA.

We’re social creatures who thrive when we communicate, collaborate and support each other. With strong ties to our local communities, we foster this truth through and through.