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The Culinary Cannabis Show

April 1, 2020

Do you like food? How about cannabis? Well boy oh boy, do we have something special for you.

The Culinary Cannabis Show

Two of the boldest and brightest minds in the culinary cannabis space have joined forces to bring you an amazing daily show, straight to your phone. The show features two chefs: Cody Lindsay (@TheWellnessSoldier), who was voted Canada’s Favourite CannaChef at the Leafly awards, and Travis Petersen (@The_NomadCook), who you might remember from MasterChef Canada in 2016.

Each night at 7:30PM MST, streaming straight from their kitchens to your Instagram feed, the pair walks their audience through some fun cannabis-infused recipes while interviewing some unique special guests, and sharing a ton of laughs along the way. It’s a great way to spice up your time in the kitchen and learn about cannabis infusions from the experts.

Each episode stays live on their Instagram feeds for 24 hours so don’t pull your hair out if you didn’t memorize the recipe right away.

Who: Cody Lindsay (The Wellness Soldier) and Travis Petersen (The Nomad Cook)

What: The Culinary Cannabis Show

When: Daily at 7:30PM MST

Where: @The_NomadCook on Instagram

Why: Because it’s awesome (who doesn’t love food AND cannabis?)

Phone in one hand, bud in the other

There’s only one way to enjoy a cannabis cooking show and thankfully, we make it easy. Here are some of our suggestions for maximum immersion.

Classic flower – Riff Sweet Jersey 3

What you see is what you get with this strain: sativa-dominant Sweet Jersey 3’s sunny citrus scent and light green colour are as bright and uplifting as its effects.

Infusiastic oil – Cove CBD Oil

Looking to add a bit of “Chillax” to your culinary creations? Look no further than Cove’s CBD Oil.

Just desserts – Chowie Wowie THC Milk Chocolate

You need something to cleanse your palate (and your head) after a hearty meal. Chowie Wowie’s sweet confections will have a place in your heart as the perfect dessert.

Get in the game – Levo II Oil Infuser

It’s a cooking show, so it only makes sense that you should up your kitchen accessory game. You can prepare herbs with ease with the new Dry and Activate