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July 4, 2018

Cannabis & Creativity

3 ways to light up your imagination

From Carl Sagan to Steve Jobs, prominent figures have long touted the capabilities of cannabis to expand the mind.

After all, nearly 50% of cannabis consumers claim the plant elevates their creativity. Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself: Your mind tends to relax, inhibitions fall to the wayside and ideas seem to spring from the ether. When we look at the science behind cannabis and creativity, studies have shown that small doses of marijuana can heighten brainstorming and problem-solving abilities.

So, whether you’re grasping for your next “Aha!” moment or searching for a vibrant new perspective, let’s explore how you can harness cannabis to ignite your imagination.

Note: Canada has yet to launch recreational cannabis, so please refrain from consuming marijuana until the federal government deems it legal.


1. Wake up your subconscious

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Everyone has moments where they feel tense, distracted and creatively stuck.

Want to shake off that overthinking mind? Try experiencing the great outdoors—with a side of cannabis.

When you consume a creatively inspiring strain and venture into nature, you might find that your perception shifts. Often, you can literally see the forest through the trees, awakening your senses to vibrant colours, sounds and aromas.

Suspending your brain in this serene space and time, your mind can roam free and eventually, reach breakthroughs. In the world of psychology, this is known as subconscious intuition: unclamping your thoughts to allow your “ancient” brain to work its magic. Whether you’re trekking up a mountain or watching the clouds roll by, combining cannabis with the outdoors can help you uncover new avenues of creative thought.

Best strains for zen contemplation:
  • Purple Haze
  • Willie Nelson
  • Blue Dream


2. Tackle a tough project

We’ve all been there: A big, difficult task is looming on your to-do list, but you can’t even bring yourself to get started. It’s a pretty daunting feeling facing tough work that doesn’t have an obvious answer.

Luckily, certain strains of cannabis are perfect for muscling through projects that demand long stretches of brain power.

Energizing, uplifting strains can inspire the phenomenon of convergent thinking, a creative skill that helps you connect dots and bring together disparate ideas. So, when you’re staring down that complex, nagging task, you can focus right in on the best solution.

Best strains for problem solving:
  • Jack Herer
  • Tangie
  • Cinex


3. Create a masterpiece

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Do you have a story that you’ve been itching to tell?

Perhaps you want to weave a narrative on paper. Or, you might want carve your inspiration into a sculpture, or even write an untold experience into song.

Stimulating cannabis strains can do a remarkable job of unleashing your artistic side, dissolving any doubts while breaking down mental blocks. This creative skill is called divergent thinking, where the brain produces a flood of flexible and original ideas. In this frame of mind, you can relax, shake off self-judgement and tap into your imagination.

Best strains for artistic expression:
  • Jillybean
  • Chemdawg
  • Kali Mist


So, there you have it: Lighting up can spark new ways of thinking, leading you down the path to creative clarity. When exploring these three tips, be sure to research the strains, consumption methods and situations that work best for you.

Wondering how else cannabis can alter your mood and perceptions? Browse our social feeds and blog for more insights and tips on the plant.