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The best for less,
served daily.

High-THC and high-quality is what you get when dine with Daily Special. Always simple, and never complicated. Just the way you like it. We're taking the great bud, and it's always on special

High never cost so low.

Don't expect a fancy product description. The name is "Indica." This is quality flower witg high THC, a great price, and no nonsense.

Great weed doesn't need a cute name. We just call ours "Sativa." Quality flower with high THC and a great price. Simple as that.

Diesel Flower

Will you look at that? High-THC vapes without the highly-inflated prices. And with a whopping 0.5g cartridge, your money goes a lot further.

Our caramel milk chocolate and caramel mocha milk chocolate are infused with high quality cannabis distillate from high THC strains

They're not 'chill pills'. Daily special softgels offer an affordable, easy-to-swallow, full-spectrum extract from our top-selling strains.