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September 21, 2018

Elevated Eats

Edmonton’s best post-smoke restos

The savoury, the satisfying and the just-plain-delicious—it’s a well-known fact that cannabis has the power to stimulate your appetite. THC activates the CB1 receptors in brain, setting off the unmistakable, growling sensation of hunger.

Beyond its reputation for rousing food cravings, cannabis can also enhance the experience of eating. Bursts of flavour seem to intermingle beautifully, satisfying both your taste buds and your stomach.

When marijuana becomes legal in October, don’t just reach for the nearest bag of potato chips. Start looking for elevated restaurants with menus that hit the spot, so when your appetite awakens, you can treat your palate right.

After visiting one of our Fire & Flower cannabis shops in Edmonton, be sure to give any of these 3 award-winning eateries a try.

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Note: Canada has yet to launch recreational cannabis, so please refrain from consuming marijuana until October 17, 2018, when the federal government deems it legal. Be sure to research and follow the local consumption laws in your municipality.




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From apple-glazed chicken to oh-so-tender brisket, MEAT does southern cooking right. This happening spot lives up to its name, satisfying your craving for good, old-fashioned protein. Slather your plate with a mixture of the homemade bourbon, cherry, mustard and spicy sauces. Remember to order a large side, like the creamy mac n’ cheese or the drool-worthy garlic fries—you’ll be thankful you did. Plus, the long wooden tables and family-style portions make this a great place to eat and share with friends.


Swiss 2 GO


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Like only a home-cooked meal can, Swiss 2 GO’s dishes leave you with a full and happy belly. This quaint café is tucked away in northeast Edmonton, but it’s worth the trek. Packed with cured meats and just the right amount of sauce, the soft, salty pretzel baguettes transport you right to Switzerland. For your first time, try the renowned Italian Bride sandwich—and then come back another day to sample the rest of the menu. Although the portions are generous, ravenous eaters can add fresh soup or potato salad to round out the feast.


Tony’s Pizza Palace


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Tony’s is often lauded as one of the best pizza joints in Edmonton. Perched on the edge of Little Italy, this local treasure has been passed down through the generations, retaining the founder’s traditions and heritage. True to Italian form, the pizza boasts zippy tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella and crispy crust. So, yes, you’ll be vegging out on some ’za, but you’ll be treating yourself to authentic flavours while you’re at it. Cozy up in the dark, brick interior as you munch away, or take your bounty to-go and enjoy it at home.


So—are you hungry yet? Cannabis can work up your appetite, but with a bit of forethought and planning, your next smoke session can end with a sampling of finer cuisine.

As the home of our flagship cannabis shop, Edmonton offers an incredible food scene, with plenty of options that strike the balance between satisfying and cultured. Do you live in a different city? We’d love to hear about your favourite post-smoke restos on social. And, as always, keep checking the Fire & Flower blog for more inspiring and educational posts on Canadian culture.