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What are the differences between cannabis species?

Genus: Cannabis

Species: C. indica, C. sativa, C. ruderalis

Contrary to popular belief, the species of cannabis you consume doesn’t indicate the varying effects you can expect to experience.

That’s right, indica doesn’t chill you out, nor does sativa energize you. Regardless of species, it’s a strain’s unique mix of cannabinoids and terpenes that gets you in the groove. In fact, most modern-day strains of cannabis are crossbreeds (a mix of species), with very few linking back to their pure lineage.

Taxonomy terms such as indica or sativa are best used to categorize the varying climates, appearances, origins and growth patterns of each variety. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes present, regardless of species, is the best predictor of consumption effects.

What are cannabinoids?

Molecular yet mighty, cannabinoids are chemical compounds that stimulate the CB1 receptor in the brain, resulting in a spectrum of benefits and effects. Here, we’ll focus on the most common: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).


Choosing a strain that’s THC-dominant will give you the intoxicating “high” that’s commonly paraded in pop culture. The psychoactive effect is balanced and damped by the level of CBD in the strain.

  • Alters consciousness and perspectives
  • Produces feelings of euphoria
  • Relieves pain and nausea


Choosing a strain that’s CBD-dominant will give you a grounded “body” experience. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, making it desirable to those with THC sensitivities.

  • Little to no psychoactive effects
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Relieves anxiety and insomnia

THC/CBD balanced

Choosing a strain with a balance of THC and CBD will harmonize the overall effects of each cannabinoid. CBD cushions the CB1 adaptor in the brain, softening the psychoactive effects of THC.

What cannabis products will be legal to purchase in 2018?

Under the Cannabis Act, these products will be available for purchase in 2018:

  • Cannabis oil
  • Fresh cannabis
  • Dried cannabis
  • Cannabis plant seeds
  • Cannabis plants

How do you consume legal cannabis products?

After purchasing legal cannabis products, you can consume them by:

  • Smoking: Joints, pipes and bongs
  • Vapourizing: Breathing in dried cannabis through a vaping device
  • Drinking or eating: Homemade edibles made from cannabis oil or dried cannabis
  • Ingesting: Capsules containing cannabis oil

What cannabis products will be legal to purchase in 2019?

Once the Cannabis Act has been in force for one year, these additional products will be available for purchase:

  • Edibles
  • Cannabis concentrates

Where else will the shops open in 2018?

In 2018, we're planning to launch 75 shops across Western Canada. Keep checking here to find a location near you.

What products will you sell?

Before cannabis legalization, we'll be selling merch and cannabis accessories in our shops. We'll also be hosting fun, enlightening events and workshops. After legalization, you'll find all forms of cannabis products on our shelves, sourced from Canada's best brands.

How do I apply for a career with Fire & Flower?

Head over to our Career page for current job listings. If you find a position that's a great fit for you, submit your cover letter and resume through our career portal.

How much cannabis can I possess once it’s legal?

You'll be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried legal cannabis or equivalent in public.

How much cannabis can I grow at home?

Under federal law, you'll be allowed to cultivate up to 4 plants in your own residence, equaling 4 plants total per household. Some provinces may restrict whether or how you may grow at home. If you rent or live in a condo, you may also be subject to restrictions imposed by your landlord or condo by-laws.

Can I consume cannabis in public?

Laws vary by province and municipality. Here's a handy guide to help you understand cannabis consumption laws by region, but be sure to check your city or town's government website for specific bylaws.

Where can I buy cannabis online?

Again, laws vary by province. Depending on your region, you'll be able to buy cannabis digitally through a government website or private online stores. Check out this blog post to find out how you can purchase cannabis in your province.