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April 13, 2018

Marijuana in Motion

4 ways to embrace cannabis & slow fitness

CrossFit, kickboxing, HIIT, marathons—for the past couple of decades, gym buffs have approached exercise in an almost-militant fashion, pushing ourselves to our limits to become lean, mean fitness machines.

But, in recent years, mythbusting evidence has cropped up: Too many high-intensity, high-impact workouts can raise the stress hormone known as cortisol. Overexerting yourself at the gym can cause real damage to your body, leading to elevated blood pressure, poor sleep and even weight gain.

Knowing this fact, more and more gym goers are seeing the light: Working out should feel good. It should energize your body, mind and mood.

That’s why so many athletes are taking to the concept of slow fitness, a low-impact, gentler form of exercise. Think long walks in the ravine, stretching sessions, relaxing yin yoga, meditative tai chi or simply sweating it out in the sauna.

The results are pretty remarkable: When combined with your usual cardio and weight-training routine, in the long haul, slow fitness enhances overall strength, flexibility, mobility and metabolism.

If you’re looking for ways to immerse yourself in kinder, milder fitness, it’s not surprising that a calming plant like cannabis can help transport you to a more mindful and happier state. If you’re safe and smart about it, lighting up can make your slow fitness workout a whole lot more restorative and fun.

*Note: Be sure to know your limits and tolerance before combining cannabis and exercise. If you suffer from any health conditions, such as heart disease, please don’t consume marijuana before working out.

Understand that cannabis affects everyone differently, and as always, a little dose goes a long way. Research which strain and consumption method is best for your fitness routine.

Below, discover four ways your next slow fitness session can benefit from cannabis.

1. Reach a state of flow

People who consume microdoses of cannabis before exercising often report better concentration with the task at hand. The trees rustling, the clouds swirling, the birds chirping—sensations become much more vivid and rich. Repetitive movements become more enjoyable, and you feel present and grateful for the moment.

From breathwork classes to strolling through your neighbourhood, if you’re engaging in a slow fitness workout, a small amount of cannabis can bring your brain into greater balance and awareness, guiding you to peak focus faster.

2. Heighten your exercise high

Who doesn’t love a good workout high? As your blood starts pumping and the endorphins rush in, you feel energized, elated and ready to take on the world.

Well, a combination of cannabis and slow fitness can boost this euphoric effect to new levels. Moving your body after consuming marijuana amplifies the potency of the happy chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so you’ll feel even more laidback and chilled out throughout the session.

If you try cannabis with a downtempo workout like slow flow yoga or a flexibility class, you’ll also crowd out the stress hormone cortisol with a calming flood of serotonin, inspiring feelings of balance and peace.

3. Quiet pain and nausea

Almost every athlete of any ability has experienced her fair share of injuries. Bad knees, twisted ankles, tweaked muscles—we’ve all been there. You’ve likely popped a couple analgesics like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to deal with it and carry on with your usual workout routine.

Instead, we suggest looking into cannabis as a more powerful, holistic way to counter the soreness and discomfort of exercise. Rather than zapping only pain, the marijuana chemical cannabidiol (CBD) multi-targets a host of symptoms, such as aches, inflammation, nausea and high blood pressure.

Plus, slow, restorative fitness is all about stretching, massaging and healing those tender muscles and joints. So, try combining your next body-rolling session with cannabis, and say peace out, pain.

4. Feel better post-workout

If you consume cannabis before a slow fitness session, you may feel the good vibes and rejuvenating health effects long after the workout is over.

Mindful exercise and marijuana are both known to calm anxiety, enhance sleep and speed up metabolism—all essential ingredients for a happy, healthy life.

Chemically, slow fitness and cannabis both bring down your cortisol levels, but emotionally, they offer your mind and body the TLC and relaxation they need to tackle challenges and stress. Suddenly, those looming deadlines, bills and traffic jams become a lot more manageable.

Our bodies and minds crave healing and care to bring us into balance. We hope these four tips to combine marijuana and slow fitness have broadened your perspective of holistic exercise and wellness.

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