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April 25, 2018

Cycles & Canals

Travel inspiration from Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam, it’s as if your cares float away on the canals that wind through the city. From world-class art and kitsch shops to avant-garde dining and cozy breweries, the Dutch capital offers enough iconic sights and hidden treasures to enthrall any traveller. And, you can explore it all on foot, on a meandering bicycle ride or of course, the historic 17th-century waterways.

We love Amsterdam for its impressive galleries, hip eateries and storybook architecture. But, we also admire the city for its progressive, open-minded approach to cannabis. Since 1976, the government has decriminalized the plant, allowing establishments called “coffeeshops” to sell it in small quantities.

Although recreational cannabis isn’t fully legal, law enforcement takes a pragmatic approach, tolerating personal consumption and understanding the individual’s right to his or her own decisions.

Forward-thinking freedom meets multifaceted history, vintage allure meets urban edge—Amsterdam is a city where you can dive deep, escape and truly get inspired. We think it deserves a top spot on your travel bucket list. So, if you ever make it out to the city, here are the ultimate places to eat, wander and nourish your mind.

Best restaurant: Dignita

Decadent pancakes, hollandaise-soaked bennies, flavourful breakfast bowls—need we say more? Dignita serves up sustainable and locally sourced brunch dishes, all day long. Featuring edible flowers, abundant herbs and masterful presentation, the food is as beautiful to behold as it is delicious to eat. Choose from two locations: one outside the famously lush Vondelpark, and one in the charming gardens of Hoftuin. Lounge on the sunny patio, and sip on a Dutch beer as you watch the locals pass.


Best natural oasis: Vondelpark

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Vondelpark is one of the most popular green spaces in Amsterdam, and for good reason. Both tourists and residents flock in the thousands to lounge on its rolling grass and cycle its endless pathways. Be sure to rent a bike to explore all corners of this 120-acre wonder. Then, spread a blanket underneath a shady tree and enjoy a picnic among the sparkling ponds and floral gardens.


Best gallery: Van Gogh Museum

Discover the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings on earth, and delve inside the fascinating mind of the famous tortured artist. From his piercing self-portraits to his bold brushstrokes, the work in this museum will stay with you long after you leave. Opened in 1973, the bright, modern building is itself breathtaking to behold—a must-see in the Amsterdam art world.


Best coffeeshop: La Tertulia

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A stone’s throw from Anne Frank House and Amsterdam’s top farmers’ markets, this colourful coffeeshop has graced the charming neighbourhood of Jordaan for 35 years. Owned by a mother-daughter team, La Tertulia boasts an Instagram-worthy Van Gogh mural, a canalside terrace and two floors of indoor seating. From the quartz clusters to the cool fossils, the ambiance is decidedly artsy and inviting.


Best afternoon date: Wildernis

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The moment you step into Wildernis, your step almost instantly feels lighter, and your mind feels clear as a bell. Scaling the shelves, walls and ceiling, wild plants of all shapes and sizes line the store. Green living is integral to the shop’s philosophy, with all products sourced from local makers, illustrators and designers. Try your hand at one of Wildernis’ many workshops, such as plant watercolouring, vegetable gardening or terrarium creation.


Whether it’s the bright tulips, the gorgeous waterways, the mouthwatering food or the diverse culture, there’s no doubt that Amsterdam has the good life figured out. The city takes a liberal approach to cannabis, trusting that every individual can decide how it best fits into his or her life.

We hope this exploration into Amsterdam’s tastes, sights and colours heightened your appreciation for this beautiful locale. Watch our blog and social media for more cannabis lifestyle and travel inspiration.