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Cannabis Lifestyle

May 16, 2018

Kaleidoscopic Sounds

Our sunniest tracks for the summer

In Canada, the May long weekend marks the beginning of summer, and we’re more than ready for it to begin.

Like plants thirsting for sunlight, we Canadians seem to come to life during the few warm months we have. And, with cannabis legalization on the horizon at the end of summer, there’s an undeniable feeling of optimism and energy coursing through the air.

The season brings with it more space and time, the days stretching on longer, ripe with the possibility of adventure. Whether you’re contemplating the magnetism of the Rocky Mountains or soaking in the raw power of the Niagara Falls, in the summer, our natural world bursts with beauty and diversity, inviting gratitude, joy and pure awe.

To celebrate the arrival of sunnier days, we’ve curated a playlist of feel-good, happy tunes. From the bright and upbeat to the dreamy and ethereal, play these tracks to begin your summer on a cheerful note.