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May 25, 2018

Pop, Sip & Drop

5 modern ways to consume cannabis

From joints and blunts to pipes and bongs, the quintessential methods of consuming cannabis are a familiar sight in pop culture. People have been smoking marijuana since ancient cultures first started harvesting the plant.

But, for those seeking a cleaner, subtler way to experience cannabis, new options are cropping up every day. And, the science behind it all is incredibly precise. Want to soothe muscle aches and pains, without getting high? Lather on a CBD lotion. Looking for a little pep in your step? Pop a rejuvenating mint infused with sativa.

Below, get savvy on five smokeless ways to inhale and ingest cannabis.

Fine print: Canada has yet to launch recreational cannabis, so please refrain from consuming these products until the federal government deems it legal.



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No harsh smoke to be found here—vapourizers deliver all the benefits of cannabis, at the exact dose you desire. The discreet devices heat the bud, rather than burning it, emitting cannabinoid vapours in the air.

  • Every vapourizer is different: some boast subtle, sleek designs, while others produce powerful clouds. Research your options before you buy and weigh what’s best for your lifestyle.
  • Once you choose a vapourizer with the perfect bells and whistles, grind your cannabis evenly, pack it tightly in the chamber and inhale it steadily for the smoothest results.
  • Be sure to heat your cannabis to the right temperature. It’s all up to your personal preference, but experiment between 150°C and 210°C to release the cannabinoids without combusting them.


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From the sweet and delectable to the wholesome and healthy, these days, edibles have reached the height of gourmet. Think craft chocolates, infused teas, soups, devilled eggs, even poke bowls… imagine anything you can cook, mix or bake, and you’ll find a cannabis version that you can munch on.

  • Read the label carefully before you take a bite. How many milligrams of THC are in each serving? Many edibles come in microdoses, often with 5 mg of THC per serving, but the whole package may contain 100 mg of THC or more.
  • Begin with a small amount and wait it out to feel the effects. Because edibles metabolize through your stomach lining, it may take half an hour or more before you start experiencing a high.
  • If it’s been an hour or two and you still don’t feel anything, up your intake slightly. Edibles can last anywhere between 4 and 12 hours, so pick a day when you have plenty of free time to relax and ride the vibe.


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Did you know that you can bottle cannabis in liquid form? These clever inventions are alcoholic extracts called tinctures. Before marijuana became illegal in the 20th century, the dropper containers were the consumption method of choice for many. Tinctures are a smart option for those who want to ingest cannabis in a low-key, odourless form.

  • Drop the tincture under your tongue and it’ll enter your bloodstream instantly. Nearly as fast-acting as smoking cannabis, the effects will hit you after 15 to 45 minutes.
  • Start with a 1-mL dose under your tongue and see how you feel. If you don’t experience much of an effect today, go up to 2 mL next time.
  • You can mix tinctures in almost any meal, like drinks, soups or dressings. Expect to experience the same uptake and effects as an edible.



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Simple and convenient to dose, capsules are already a popular choice in the cannabis industry. The oil-infused pills allow you to safely and effectively ingest the right amount for you, with no mess whatsoever.

  • Cannabis capsules come in all sorts of varieties—many are CBD-centric and designed to combat anxiety, stress and pain.
  • If you purchase your cannabis capsules, read the label and follow the dosage instructions carefully.
  • If you can’t find the pills in store, you can easily make them at home with gelatin capsules and cannabis coconut oil.


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Lotions, bath bombs, salves—left and right, topicals are shifting perceptions of cannabis and its capabilities. You can rub and soak in these all-natural analgesics to experience relief from soreness and inflammation. But, you won’t feel the psychoactive effects commonly associated with smoking marijuana.

  • Think about where you’re experiencing the pain. Is it your neck, shoulders, joints, feet or all over? A salve will target a specific sore spot, while a bath soak will offer full-body relaxation.
  • If you’ve chosen a body part you want to focus on, apply the topical to that area. Feel free to slather on two or three layers, but don’t drench yourself in it, either.
  • Expect to feel the same relief as a heating pack or a cooling cream—subtle and soothing.


Everyone is unique, so the way you consume cannabis is completely up to you. Perhaps you want to avoid the taste and smell of smoking. Or, you’re looking to dose with the ultimate precision. Thankfully, modern tech has delivered a spectrum of ways to create an enjoyable, tailored experience with cannabis.

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