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June 1, 2018

Purple City

Edmonton’s 4 most psychedelic destinations

Bursts of colour, fragrant smells, rich sounds—cannabis has a remarkable way of deepening and enhancing experiences.

The plant has reached a post-couch-potato era, where you can find strains that boost energy, loosen muscles, sharpen focus and even lift inspiration. And those are welcome benefits as summer arrives, when the outdoors beckons our minds and bodies to awaken.

In Canada especially, warmer weather brings incredible opportunities to explore beyond our usual perspectives. From urbane skylines to unexplored landscapes, our country offers untold amounts of things to do and see. But, we often forget to be grateful for what’s in our own backyards. After a mind-expanding smoke session, you might find your appreciation takes on a new meaning.  

As we open our shops nationwide, we’re exploring our country’s most vibrant sights and experiences. We begin with beautiful Edmonton, home to our flagship shop, launching this summer.

National Geographic has lauded the city as one of the world’s best summer destinations. With endless festivals and flourishing nature, it’s easy to see why. So, get ready to alter your experience of Edmonton with our 4 top post-smoke spots.

Note: Canada has yet to launch recreational cannabis, so please refrain from consuming marijuana until the federal government deems it legal.


Alberta Legislature Grounds

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Standing tall with marble pillars, intricate arches and an unmissable dome, this stunning Beaux-Arts building will capture your fascination. Smoke up on a balmy day, and then lounge in the Legislature’s wading pool as the sprinklers mist your skin.

Be sure to take a free guided tour of the building, where you can linger in the “magic spot” and hear the rushing fountains reflect sound from the ceiling. At night, experience the infamous tradition of Purple City (at your own ocular risk), gazing into the bright flood lights to colour the Leg in a vibrant violet hue.


Talus Dome

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Okay, we know those mysterious silver balls alongside Quesnell Bridge have been the subject of much debate. With a $600,000 price tag, the Talus Dome is the most expensive public art piece in Edmonton’s history. Is it an alien shrine, a child’s pile of marbles or a mound of construction material?

Well, that’s the whole point. Juxtaposed between the bustling Whitemud Freeway and serene North Saskatchewan River, the strange design is supposed to make you stop and think about the interaction between urban and natural settings. After a smoke session, hike Fox Drive and look deep into the 1,000 mirrored balls for some topsy-turvy self-reflection.


Accidental Beach

Edmonton is lucky enough to be home to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, the largest urban green space in North America. Outdoor enthusiasts can bike, jog, golf and canoe the massive park to their heart’s content. But, with only grass and trees lining the riverbanks, Edmonton never had an actual beach to call its own.

That is, until last summer. Thanks to LRT construction, the city placed temporary berms in the river, diverting water and creating an impressive sandy escape. Since then, it’s become a happening spot to lug a cooler, blanket and throw frisbees with your pup. Light up before you arrive (public consumption is a no-no!). Then, wade in the river and marvel at an eclectic array of people as they come and go.


Gallagher Park

Is there anything that embodies Edmonton summers more than Gallagher Park during the world-renowned Folk Festival? Young and old, legions of people flock to the grassy hills with lawn chairs and umbrellas to ride the vibes of the world’s best folk acts.

A smoke session beforehand might help you experience this Edmonton favourite from a brand new mindset. Feel the slanted slope of the hill, the grass threading through your fingers. Close your eyes to let the mind-blowing melodies hit you. Or, open them to absorb the laughing crowds and the sunset setting Edmonton’s skyline aglow.


If you slow down and stop to truly experience Canada’s cities, we’ve got quite a lot going for us. A plant like cannabis can bring feelings of joy and appreciation for our surroundings into focus.

Edmonton is one of dozens of cities where we’ll be launching, so be sure to check our blog and social accounts as we explore more psychedelic spots in new locales.