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May 4, 2018

Supporting Strong Communities

Our position on Edmonton’s retail permitting process

We believe it takes a village to nurture a movement.

As recreational cannabis launches across Canada, it’s truly the work in our cities and towns that drives progress. At Fire & Flower, we’re responsible members of the communities we serve, fostering strong partnerships with municipalities and local governments.

We’re committed to working with cities and towns to create thoughtful, well-reasoned legislation that not only protects Canadians, but also shapes a thriving, collaborative recreational cannabis industry. Because, to us, a safe, open-minded and enlightening store experience always comes first and foremost.

That’s why, in light of the City of Edmonton’s recent recommendations for retail cannabis shop permits, we’re proposing an alternative solution, one that encourages balance and fairness for businesses in Edmonton.

Companies of all sizes and backgrounds should be able to participate in our local industry. That’s how we create a diverse, competitive business culture. We know Edmonton aims to establish an equitable retail permitting process and support a secure environment for residents. But, we believe there’s a more effective model to accomplish these goals.

Unfortunately, Edmonton’s current process prevents responsible retailers from securing stores, while increasing the risk of introducing businesses with unethical motives in mind.

In this model, speculators with no real intention to build a cannabis store could take advantage of the limited availability of licenses and locations—either by flipping their license at the expense of legitimate entrepreneurs, or by attempting to block key completion in particular catchment areas.

At Fire & Flower, we propose a solution where only businesses with approved licenses from the AGLC should be allowed to enter the City of Edmonton Development Permit lottery.

This approach still allows for the lottery system to determine which players enter the market first, creating fairness in the size of businesses and their ability to secure retail spots. But, it also prevents players from blocking or taking advantage of the process.

Big or small, committed companies who follow due process should be given equal opportunity to play in the cannabis retail space. That’s what Edmonton’s entrepreneurial culture is all about, and it’s what will create a strong, healthy retail experience for Canadians.

Please to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our proposed cannabis retail permitting solution for Edmonton:

Nathan Mison
Vice President, Government and Stakeholder Relations
Ph: 780-953-1106