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Brand & Corporate Announcements

June 14, 2018

Our New Brand & Website

Discover the beliefs behind it all

At Fire & Flower, we harness the wisdom of the ages to give you a safe, educated and exciting experience in shops across Canada. Because, we believe the legalization of recreational cannabis isn’t only a statement of freedom—it’s a symbol of greater wisdom awakening.

We’re honoured to share our new brand and website, and hope you’ll join us as we continue to grow nationwide. Below, we uncover the story behind our brand, exploring the roots of Canadian cannabis, which have inspired our brand ethos and the beliefs core to who we are.


A new era with ancient origins

Cannabis is one of thousands of plant species that our ancestors harvested and revered for its capabilities. Millennia ago, ancient cultures cultivated the crop to mobilize entire economies and civilizations, while honouring it for the benefits it brings to the body and mind.

Now, in Canada, after nearly a century of criminalizing cannabis, we’re returning to these age-old wisdoms. Countless individuals have protested, challenged stigmas and advocated for change. And at this page in our history, we’re entering a new era.

One where Canadians can truly understand the potential and power of cannabis.

That’s where we hope to be your guide, in our shops and online—educating you on marijuana with a healthy, approachable and open mindset. Always honouring the wisdom that led us here, while seeking an enlightened and informed path forward.


Our ethos: One with wisdom

These origins and truths are exactly what inspired our brand ethos: one with wisdom.

Our ethos defines who we are. It’s why we exist. It motivates and guides everything we do. You could even say it’s the soul behind our our organization.

To us, becoming one with wisdom means truly understanding the ancient aspects of our essential nature. It means venturing beyond the chains of conditioning.

It means casting away stereotypes, harsh judgements and that which shackles the soul. As we follow the wisdom path, we crumble the cold walls we’ve built around it.

It whispers with a resounding stillness, reminding us to let wisdom lead the way.

Becoming one with wisdom, we reveal its beautiful truths—opening ourselves to greater freedom.


Our action: Challenge cliches

So, what are we doing to live our brand ethos? How do we put these words into action, every day?

We dismantle stereotypes

We’re all born into the world with a curious, open mind and willing heart. But along the way to adulthood, conditioning creeps in, manifesting as prejudice, biases and assumptions. Breaking down cliches around cannabis, we shatter these constructs while building a culture of inclusivity.

We celebrate diversity

United but unique, alike but different, our country is home to a dazzling array of people, places and experiences. We embrace what connects us, not only as as Canadians, but as human beings. Forging strong ties with our local communities, our brand honours and embraces the vibrant diversity of contemporary Canada.

We foster honest education

Many things that seem revolutionary are actually truths as old as time. As cannabis becomes legal, Canadians rightfully have questions about the plant, and deserve to be educated on it, honestly and truthfully. Our shops are safe, welcoming spaces where our specialists can guide and teach you how cannabis fits into your lifestyle.

Wisdom is our birthright.

Freedom is our fire.

Let’s make space for more truths to blossom.


We’re Canada’s cannabis shop

As we open our doors in cities across the country, our brand beliefs guide all that we do. With a focus on wisdom, education and inclusivity, we’re offering contemporary ideas to outdated cliches, stereotypes and social conditioning around cannabis.

So, pack your bag and follow us on this exciting journey, as we continue to bring sage advice and guidance to our blog and social channels. And, be sure to visit us at our shops, opening this year.