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Brand & Corporate Announcements

October 12, 2018

So Close, Saskatchewan

We’re ready for Oct 17th

Saskatchewan, the land of living skies. Home to endless prairie landscapes, cascading with colour from dawn until dusk and beyond.

Here, the people greet you with neighbourly warmth and kindness. But, it’s their sheer resolve that sets Saskatchewanians apart, growing both thriving communities and an internationally renowned economy.

Saskatchewan is an incredible place to be. And if you ask us, it couldn’t be a better spot to set up shop.

Let’s light it up, Saskatchewan

That’s why, this year, we’ve been working hard to launch Fire & Flower locations in Saskatchewan. From designing beautiful retail spaces to hiring our talented staff, it’s been a labour of love getting our shops ready for legalization.

So, when the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) announced our first interim store licence this week, we couldn’t help but cheer.

On October 17th, Fire & Flower will be one of the first cannabis shops in the province to open its doors to the public.

Get your celebration goods

If you’re looking to start shopping on legalization day, be sure to head to Fire & Flower in Saskatchewan.

From Canada’s best cannabis to the latest in accessories and tech, we’ve carefully curated our shops with products and experiences you’ll love.

Plus, we know there’s much to learn about today’s science-driven cannabis scene. Whether you’re curious about a particular strain or wondering about the difference between THC and CBD, our Cannistas are happy to guide you through this exciting terrain.

Canada, we’ve still got so much in store for you. Keep chatting with us on our social feeds as we announce more shop locations and featured cannabis brands.