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Our Story

Let us be your guide

We’re here to give Canadians the educated and curated experience they deserve.

Although cannabis has been consumed for ages, today’s science brings a much deeper understanding to the table. And, that’s exactly why we want to be your guide to all things good and green.

At Fire & Flower, we thoughtfully handpick each strain and accessory to maximize your experience. Our Cannistas share inspiring insights, easy-to-follow advice and as much or as little education as you want, making your purchase simple and snappy.

Canada's cannabis shop

As one of the first countries in the world to legalize cannabis use, Canadians are bringing this incredibly powerful plant into widespread acceptance.

With openness, transparency and inclusion at heart, we’re proud to welcome people of all walks into our stores.

The guided experience

New lingo, modern contraptions and an unbridled openness about cannabis: We know, it can all be a bit overwhelming after decades of hiding our herbs.

But, we hope, when you walk into our shop, that stuff falls away, only to be replaced by a sense of ease.

We hope you feel welcome, curious and most of all, ultra excited by the possibilities.

We’ve curated our selections and notions with beginners, dabblers and connoisseurs in mind, ensuring you get the perfect products, every single time.