Our Story

One with wisdom

Can you feel it? It’s in the air and the earth. It’s atop our ancient mountains and alight in our spectacular cities.

It’s deep in our bones. And now, it’s opening our eyes, hearts and minds. The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada isn’t only a statement of freedom, it’s a symbol of greater awareness awakening.

At Fire & Flower, we’re honoured to harness the wisdom of the ages to give you a safe, educated and exciting experience in shops across the country.

We're united but unique. Connected yet kaleidoscopic. Alike yet different.

But through the wisdom of our essential nature, we become one.

Our brand honours ancient truths, while celebrating the commonality of the human experience.

Awaken the ancient

From darkness, a glimmering spark. With it, something once lost shimmers to the surface.

Like a galactic flash, when stars are born, where new worlds take shape. Once in motion, once glimpsed, it won't sleep again.

The fire is lit and basked in its powerful pulse, our eyes open wide, like flowers blossoming anew.

We awaken, as creators, lovers and givers of what moves us forward. As rivals, warriors and hunters of what shackles us.

We hold our many notions up to the flame, one by one, diverse but united. Seeking truth and freedom. Seeking the virtue at our core.